Big Thank You

This is to share a very hearty gratitude to the businesses and people of Whidbey Island who have opened their hearts and spread and sprinkled love all round this wonderful place.

I would like to dedicate a special thank you to all businesses and neighbors that took their precious time,material and resources to take part in this initiative of helping one another and also helping the challenged and the underprivileged.

Big thank you to all but a Special Thanks To:

Whidbey Island Businesses

 Scott and Smith Law

Coupville Businesses

You have impacted their lives forever.You have changed lives of many and now many residents are now able to have a roof over their heads.You have added new meaning to the phrase love your neighbor as you love yourself and indeed how many with comfortable shelters feel your love.We owe you such a debt of gratitude for your grace and don’t know how it can ever be repaid because how can you ever repay such love and affection?

We thank you for being heroes in such times and we are truly blessed to have such a community of wonderful people.We would like to specially thank you businesses that took part in the project.

Hearts and Hammers: Neighbors-helping-neighbors on Whidbey Island.

There is peace, harmony, and progress if people of a community look out for each other. The spirit of togetherness is at its peak when the community decides to rise up and solve each other’s problems.

One of such places is Whidbey Island. The members of this community initiated a non-governmental organization that is aimed at helping each other achieve their various objectives. The hearts and hammers is the name of this NGO and they have impacted several lives since its inception.

Why do you need to suffer in silence while your neighbors can help? That is the rationality behind the hearts and hammers. The people of the community are called to help a member out in times of need. They have one major objective, which is to help each other stay safe and healthy in their homes.

Hearts and Hammers have over a hundred volunteers that help those that are physically challenged or those with financial problems repair or rehabilitate their homes. The beneficiaries receive materials and labor at absolutely no cost to them. This is all thanks to the donations made by the larger community including churches, local businesses, and private individuals.

The hearts and hammers carry out their projects first Saturday of May every year. They help out in projects that will generally be completed within that day. Manual work like plumbing, electrical works, carpentry, roof and gutter repair, yard cleanup, weatherization, trash removal and several others are the projects that volunteers of hearts and hammers carry out on that day.

This kind gesture has impacted several lives and help startup and grow several businesses. The joy that the beneficiaries attain upon seeing neighbors from all works of life lend them a helping hand is something that words cannot describe. Try as much as you can, words can never do justice to the kind gesture of this men and women and the smile they bring to so many families annually.